Tamsin Caine

Greater Manchester

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1. About

I’m a single mum of two wonderful teenagers. I divorced in 2017 and grew up from the age of 12 with divorced parents. Following these experiences and realising how my financial planning experience could help, I founded Smart Divorce in 2018. I work with couples and individuals going through separation, divorce or civil partnership dissolution to help them to understand a fair split of their finances so that they can move forward with the next chapter of their lives amicably. A lot of the individuals I work with haven’t been the person in the relationship who has looked after the money. I work with them to put them in a position where they understand their financial position, the settlement they need to move forward and feel able to negotiate. I host a podcast to help as well! My proudest moment was achieving the Resolution Accreditation as a Specialist Divorce Financial Planner, as there are only 40 of us in the UK.

I also work with clients not going through divorce, often who have questions about their future, such as “do I have enough”, “when can I retire” and “can I make a career change”? The thing I love most about my work is that it has the power to change people’s lives, giving them clarity peace of mind and answering questions.

Qualification: Chartered Financial Planner

Sustainable: In-house training

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21 years of experience

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