There is a ton of information out there to help answer some of our most pressing questions.
Have a look at some of our favourite free resources which we’ve grouped depending on what’s bugging you.
We’ve split your questions into Debt, Savings, Investments and Pensions 

Worried about debt?

Money Advice Service

The “go to” place for most free (and impartial) advice, the Money Advice Service offers a plethora of support ranging from debt and borrowing to mortgages, pensions and budgeting. Support is offered online and over the phone if you prefer to hear a real human voice.

Telephone debt advice service

Another option provided by the Money Advice Service where you can speak to someone about your debt worries and receive guidance. Call them on 0800 138 777. The calls are free and they are available five days a week. Speak to someone about debt worries.  Find out more

Money Navigator Tool

This gives you action plans based on your own situation. In as little as 30 seconds you can know which money issues to tackle first. This tool is a helpful way to prioritise what your starting point should be.

Student loan calculator

Your student loan is not a debt as such, but a type of financing option. This is a useful tool for those with more recent student "debt" to visualise how the interest builds up alongside the loan based on your current salary. Try the calculator here.

Student Loans Company

Click here  The government website where you can sign into your account, apply for student finance or make a payment to your existing loan.

Free, expert debt help

Step Change, a debt charity, give out free debt advice. They have an online debt tool which will help you to understand what to do next. Get started now.
** Please note ** if you are struggling with debt it can be a daunting place to be. There are advice services which can help you out for free – have a browse here to help you locate the right one for you.


I’m trying to get my head around pensions

Some of the pensions minefield is just working out what you have today. It’s also hard to work out what your saved total might get you.

Here are some tools we find useful:

Aviva’s Midlife MOT app

Get a sense check if you’re in your 40s. How are you doing? How can you start to make some improvements?

Find out more

How much is my State Pension?

So errrr what amount am I likely to get from the Government when I retire? Use the State Pension Forecasts tool here.

How old will I be when I get my State Pension?

Help! When exactly will I begin to receive my State Pension? Check out the State Pension Age calculator to work out the exact age you’ll be able to claim your pension from the government.

Impartial government guidance and your pension

Book either a phone or online appointment with Pension Wise to get free specialist pension guidance. Aimed at those aged 50 or over, who have a workplace or personal pension and who would just like to make sense of exactly what your options are when it comes to your pension.

Don’t know what type of pension you have?

Use this Pension Wise tool now to begin.

What will my savings get me?

One option for those coming up to retirement is to buy an annuity. This free calculator gives you a really good sense of what your total pension savings could pay out on a weekly basis if you buy an annuity.


Think you've lost a pension?


Many of us have old pensions knocking about which we’ve totally lost track of. In fact it’s estimated there are millions left unclaimed. This Government tool will help you locate any old pots of cash left lurking.

Find out more

Defined Benefit pensions got you in a pickle?


Aviva has a number of helpful articles that tell you everything you need to know about Defined Benefit transfers and how they work too.


How do I know I’m doing it right?

Making your first investment? Look no further than our own article which takes you through all you need to know.

Give me the detail in funds and investing

Trustnet Find a Fund. For those out there who are fund savvy and want a deep dive into the detail this is the place for you. Newbies beware, this may throw you out of your depth.

Making a first move? Want to keep it simple?

A multi-asset fund can be a simple way to get started - get an expert to pick and choose and blend a whole heap of investments for you. Learn more on our funds page. Or visit our First Time Investor Money Goal page.

Fund selection and details

Morningstar is a global research house which has heaps of information available for investment enthusiasts from sustainable funds to their analysts' top picks. 


If listening to a podcast is more your thing than browsing a website, check out Aviva's Parenting Podcast with our Holly Mackay and Vernon Kay! Money matters for parents - listen here.


Savings Champion

For free, unbiased guidance on cash savings have a look here for the current best rates out there on different accounts.

This is Money

Use this helpful calculator to work out how your savings may grow over time... a hint... compound interest darrrling.

I'm Looking to save ££££

Right, so you need the very basics. Let’s start with the types of savings accounts out there.

Money Advice Service Savings calculator

This does what it says on the tin (!). Helping you understand how long it will take to save a precise amount, or how much you need to save to have ample funds by your goal date. Check it out.
Don’t know what your surplus income is? Try the Listen to the Taxman for help with income tax and salaries.