Digital Advice

This is still quite new but there are services now which ask you lots of questions online, turn the complicated handle of sums and give you your options. The benefits are that it is relatively cheap, you can’t get patronised or made to feel stupid by a computer and you can wear a tracksuit in the process.

There are lots of different types – some best for setting up ISAs, some will include mortgage help too, others will get you shipshape across the board - and others focus on pensions. Some also have good old human beings in the wings, ready to talk to you when you just need that extra reassurance that you are not doing something daft.

(And as always, remember that stock market investments can go up and down - nothing is guaranteed.) 

We Say
Cost (£10k)
Cost (£100k)
In a Nutshell


£499 one off
plus £400 annual charge

+ investment fees

Retirement savings focussed

Minimum - £50,000

HUMAN LED! Some online elements

Aimed at those ages 54 yr +

  • Retirement Advice from Standard Life is designed to develop the right retirement plan for you. Will my money last? When should I take a lump sum from my pension? Can I afford that car? Speak to one of their experts who will guide you through the process. Understand your options and make the most of your money in retirement.
  • Your own dedicated financial adviser to talk you through everything you need to know, online and by phone. 
  • Free phone consultation. One off inital fee of £499 + the ongoing advice fee of 0.4% (+ investment fees) if you decide to go ahead. 
  • The ongoing advice fee (0.4%) will be paid as well as a fee for the investments in your pension - expect to pay approx. 0.75% for these - so that would be about 1.15% a year in total for the whole package.
  • Aimed at people with £50,000 up to £1 million.
  • For those planning to retire in the next 1-5 years and who want to speak to a "human".
  • They offer holistic advice including cash flow modelling – this simply means they’ll give you advice across all your retirement money and use clever visuals to help you see your income throughout retirement.
  • It's NOT the provider for those looking for a saving product or those with smaller amounts looking for more investment specific advice.



Standard Life Client Management is registered in Scotland (SC193444) at 1 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2LL.

Standard Life Client Management is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

£79 (total)

£790 (total)

Helps those saving into a pension

Minimum - £50,000 in Vanguard funds

Human support - mostly digital

Best for 25 - 50 yr olds

  • Vanguard is a huge low-cost global player known mostly for its passive funds.
  • This service is only open to people who have at least £50,000 invested on their platform (eg in a Vanguard ISA, GIA or SIPP).
  • Service is tiered – under £100,000 and it’s pretty much all online; £100k - £250k and you can phone a pool of advisers; £250k + and you get your own specific individual all the time.
  • The ongoing fees are 0.79%, which includes advice, administration and investments – so this is an all-in cost. This is a LOT cheaper than many alternatives.
  • Aimed at those who are not planning to retire in the next 5 years, this is designed to help people who want to get their ducks in a row re retirement savings and get advice on this – it won’t tailor to specific needs so if you have complex individual questions about property, business, inheritance planning or the like, it’s not for you.
  • The system behind the scenes is thorough and complex and will tweak and monitor your investments and allocations for you on a continual basis.
  • If you need advice and help to save for the long-term, without any frills, this looks like one of your best choices.
  • Expect the process upfront to take about 30 – 45 minutes to set up.
  • The caveat on all of this is that it’s a brand new service (launched April 2021) and so without any customer feedback this is all based on logic and numbers rather than experience.


£299 one off

plus £750 annual charge

+investment fees

Pensions and savings focussed

Minimum - £30,000

Online focussed planning with human support

Best for 55 yr olds +

  • Destination Retirement is brought to you by HUB Financial Solutions, retirement specialists in the UK and are part of Just Group plc - a FTSE 250 company. 
  • Destination Retirement is a digital platform designed to help you understand how best to use and spend your retirement savings to minimise tax payments. There is the option of speaking to one of their customer support team at each stage of the journey, helping you understand your retirement options and work out the right plan for you.
  • It allows you to create a free personalised retirement plan based on what you want to spend your money on in retirement.
  • It is a lower cost option than the average for traditional financial advice.
  • There is an initial advice fee of £299, only payable if you wish to put your free personalised plan into action. 
  • The fee for ongoing advice is 0.75% of the invested assets (£750 based on invested assets of £100k).
  • There are further charges for product and investment funds, equating to a total fee of between 1.04% and 1.09% for the entire package. Any annuity purchase will attract a separate 2% one off advice fee with no on-going charge.
  • Aimed at folks aged 55+ thinking about their retirement options.
  • Not the provider for those looking to accumulate or who are just starting investing for the first time.

£49 (total)

£490 (total)

Savings/investment focussed

Minimum - £1

Mostly online journey

Best for 25 - 45 yr olds

  • “Financial advice for all”, OpenMoney gives advice on the next step for your finances.
  • Flat fee of 0.49% all in - very low-cost
  • A one stop shop for your finances, this service offers money management support and advice including your guidance for your home-buying journey.
  • Mortgages – coming soon!
  • Especially good for ages 25 – 44 accumulating their wealth or wanting to start out investing for the first time.
  • There are two sides to their proposition – 1) speaking to an adviser or 2) money management, depending on your circumstances and if they think you're in a position to invest or to save.

£114 (admin)
+investment fees

£1,140 (admin)

+ investment fees

Investment focussed

Minimum - £5,000

Mostly online journey

Best for 25 - 55 yr old Barclays customers

  • Must be a Barclays customer…
  • Costs 1.14% p.a. + up to 0.45% product fees - so about 1.59% a year ongoing costs 
  • Good for people looking for reassurance when it comes to their investments.
  • There is an online questionnaire to complete – better option for those who are computer savvy rather than those looking for a real-life human adviser.
  • Personalised investment report.
  • Not holistic financial advice across all money issues but for those wanting a ready-made detailed investment solution, with sound supporting calculations in the background this is worth a look.
  • Costs are at the high end which impacts our overall score. 

£104  (total)

£855 (total)

Investment focussed

Minimum - £1,500

Mostly online with human support

Best 25 - 50 yr old beginner investors

  • Personal investment advice from a Moneyfarm adviser is included in one single fee. Dedicated to you, you can talk anything through with the adviser from your financial plans to market events.
  • Minimum investment are either £5,000 lump sum or £1,500 + regular direct debit of £100 or more... phew!
  • Their fees are a bit more complex than others - they have a tiered strucutre which gets cheaper the more you invest. Starting at 0.75% for anything under £10,000 reducing to 0.35% on anything over £100,000 invested.
  • Qualified advisers at your fingertips (well, keyboard mainly).
  • Good if you’d like reassurance that you’re in the right portfolio for your right level of risk.
  • Easy to use app and pretty slick digitally.
  • It's investment focussed and they have 7 in-house portfolios they can recommend. Not for share traders, those who want to pick funds, or those looking for broader financial advice across all product sets including mortgages and/or insurance.

£42 (admin/advice)

+ investment fees

£312 (admin/advice)

+ investment fees

Very broad focus

Minimum - £1

Mostly online journey

Best for digital savers under 50

  • Very interesting newcomer which has a personalised app to guide better financial decisions across lots of aspects of your financial life.
  • Unlike many providers this is not just focussed on ISAs or pensions, and users will get specific tips or suggestions on what to do, mapped to your spending and income.
  • They charge £1 a month which gives you access to all three of their products (ISA, GIA and Lifetime ISA) as well as ongoing financial advice. There is then a platform charge of 0.3% per annum and the fund charges on top of this.
  • We don’t yet have the customer reviews or broader feedback to give this a higher score although we like what we see.
  • Good for those who prefer to use an app on your phone... no desktop option available here!

£35 (admin)

+ investment fees

£275 (admin)

+ investment fees

Investment focussed

Minimum - £500


Best for 25-55 yr old Santander customers

  • The risk questionnaire is very good - the suitability report costs £20 and is worth doing even if you then go on to invest elsewhere.
  • The questionnaire is engaging and well-designed. After this the secure site is disappointing once you are set up.
  • In Year One, expect to pay a one-off £20 advice fee, a 0.35% platform fee on money up to £50,000 and a fee of about 0.44% for the investments. So that would be about £99 on £10,000 in Year One.



This is a new table, a pilot, a fresh venture. As we currently lack consumer reviews for most of the digital advice solutions we have rated these offerings based on our view, pricing, service (online and human), and the websites. Your reviews will help us to tell a more representative story and refine our view. 
Data correct as at March 2021. 


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