Meet the team

The Boss - Holly Mackay 

CEO Holly Mackay has been working in investment markets since 1998, and founded Boring Money in 2015 in a desperate attempt to act as a trusted translator for Planet Finance! Her mission is to help people make better financial choices.  She read Modern Languages at Oxford, with a special focus on Medieval French which was deeply interesting and arguably utterly useless. From 1998 – 2007, she worked in both Australia and the UK, for Big Global Investment Firms with Increasingly Important-Sounding Titles. in 2008 she set up her first business, a research firm, which she sold in 2014. Then came Boring.....

Likes: time with her kids, red shoes, the sea, surfing, India and wine (not Indian wine)

Dislikes: pompous bores,  broken technology, laziness, the tube and home schooling!

Least boring thing: Holly was in a stand-up comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival ages ago with people who are now much more famous than she is!


The Former Adviser - Anna Stoughton

After graduating from the University of Exeter, Anna joined Deloitte in the Tax department where she qualified as a Tax Analyst. But, finding the area a bit light on the people facing side, she chose to become a Financial Adviser helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Now Relationship Manager at Boring Money, Anna hopes to use her experience to help the masses navigate the financial maze with crystal clear tips and information. Her experience as a financial adviser has been fantastically useful in helping us to pull this site together - and to make sure it's accurate, clear and current. 

Likes: The All Blacks, exercise, flapjacks

Dislikes: Geordie Shore, hangovers, fishy fish

Least boring thing: Anna spontaneously skydived over Lake Taupo from 15,000ft whilst on a solo holiday


The Tech Man - Matt Jacobs

The wonderful Matt doesn't like all this touch-feely stuff. Let's just say he built this site. And coded quietly in the background when we talked about things like colours and words. 


The Product Guy - Mahdi Shabir

Mahdi is on the research side of Boring Money, and keeps our pricing calculator up to date, as well as maintaining all the data we track to evaluate and rate all the ISA and pension providers. He graduated from SOAS University of London in 2019 with a first class bachelor’s degree in Economics & Arabic. He began his career as a Research Analyst at Boring Money, where he focusses on quantitative research,

Likes: Lime-filled white chocolate Lindt, Lebron James and Lord of the Rings. 

Dislikes: Taking Ls, long lines and Liverpool's recent success.

Least boring thing: Mahdi has been blessed with the opportunity to successfully complete ‘the walk of the free’ twice.


Special thanks to Caoilainn, Mikhail and Toby for support! You can see the bigger Boring team on our main site and learn more about us there. Thanks also to Pete Burtonshaw and Davide Domenghini for help in getting this built and live. 

This site is a pilot. A starter for 10. A gap we felt needed filling. Whether you like it or hate it - will you let us know what you think and how it could be better? This is the beginning, not the end. Thanks